BartPE Rescue CD

The BartPE Rescue CD runs independent from the hard drive.  So if the hard drive fails or the operating system will not

BartPE Rescue CD

start you can still run the Rescue CD.  With the Rescue CD you can recover deleted files, remove malicious software, recover from a failed operating system, and more.  The Rescue CD is built using the Windows pre-installation files from a Windows setup disk.  If you do not have the Windows disk you should have an i386 folder on your hard drive that contains the Windows setup files.  What else is nice about the BartPE is that you can customize and add any number of additional features for what ever the task might need.  This make it an invaluable tech tool to have handy when the need arises to fix or correct a Windows issue.  Since over 90% of all the computer issues involve Windows the BartPE disk will certainly become more valuable in time.

The utility for creating the BartPE is at the site.  You will also find a large number of plugins that have been created to add new features.  You can also create you own plugins to add even more features.  This is a fun project that will help to give you more insights to the computer and what it takes to keep it running a peak performance.

Other Rescue CD’s include the Linux operating system.  These are what is called live CD’s because they run, like BartPE, from a CD and are independent of the hard drive.  There are many distributions available and one of my favorites is Slax because you can also customize it to include additional features.  Some good free Rescue CD’s that will remove malicious software a available at AVG, Avira, F-Secure, and Bit Defender.  One of these CD’s is also a must to have on the ready.

I maintain a lab of 35 plus computers and need to image and restore the operating systems daily.  I have found using GParted, free Open Source software,  a valuable utility.  GParted is a Partition Magic Linux clone that is also available on most the Linux  distributions and can create and re-size partitions very quickly.  Partimage, free Open Source software, is a valuable imaging utility and runs like Norton Ghost.

The Open Source software available to the community has almost anything you can image.  Most of the software is excellent and could be worth hundreds of dollars on the commercial market.  These Open Source developers have a love for technology and beleive that most of it should be free.  The BartPE is only one example of many Open Source products that I enjoy using on a daily basis to keep my lab running at peak performance.

The FreeMalwareProtection website has additional information that you might find useful.