Spyware Software

Computers that run fast and efficiently are worth their weight in gold.  When they become slow and buggy they are costly not only in lost time but also in possible lost data.  One of the major reasons for computers becoming slower is Spyware.  Luckily there are many different types of spyware software that will be able to identify any spyware that is on your machine and get rid of it, restoring speed to your machine.

Spyware is basically one type of malware that collects information on the user without their knowledge.  Spyware is typically downloaded onto a users computer unknowingly and runs in the background of the operating system.  Because of this it is basically invisible to the user.  Spyware programs collect many different types of personal information.  It can collect Internet surfing habits, all sites that a user visits, it can also change computer settings, collect information on passwords, change home pages and even result in the loss of Internet or other program function.

One of the main causes of spyware is piggybacking.  In this manner spyware programs are downloaded unknowingly along with programs or files from the Internet that are wanted.  This spyware software can quickly go to work and make a mess of your computer and operating system.

Many spyware programs are designed to display advertisements.  One symptom that your computer is infected with spyware is if many pop up advertisements are shown when you are browsing the Internet.  Some spyware programs are also associated with Identity Theft and fraud.

It is important to install anti spyware software on your computer to prevent any unwanted spyware from being installed.  There are many different options available online and in local stores.  Windows based machines are the most vulnerable for spyware but with more and more people switching to Macintosh, the spyware for the OS X operating system is becoming more prevalent.

The major anti-virus firms McAfee, Symantec and Sophos have integrated spyware programs into their anti-virus software.  This allows users to “kill 2 birds with 1 stone,” and protect their computers from both viruses and spyware with only one program.  This anti spyware program can help clean your computer of existing spyware and prevent against future spyware infection.

As soon as you notice a difference in the speed of your machine it would make sense to get some spyware software.  Also, users should be careful with the programs and files that they download from the Internet as it may contain spyware.

The Free Malware Protection website has additional information that you might find useful.